Plant Medicine

Working with Plant Medicine might boost your process with seven-mile steps. You travel in your body and mind with your consciousness, that’s why we call a session with Plant Medicine voyaging   When the voyage starts you will never know where it will take you. Voyaging  is not suitable for everyone, you will travel through areas that do not always feel pleasant and might lead to great confusion. Tools such as meditation and forms of breathing techniques can enormously assist you in achieving unconditional surrender. Surrender to the process set in motion by the plant.  All feelings will be magnified; fear, anger, sadness, loneliness but also happiness and joy.

A voyage with a Plant Medicine is always intense. Yet, it is precisely these intense moments to achieve the most healing.. Layer by layer the medicine will strip of everything who and what you think you are until you reach your most inner core. A voyage with a Plant Medicine could literally change your entire life in a few hours. This is not because the plant will solve the problems for you. Much more the plant will change your vision about yourself and your life. After the voyage, the real work begins. It’s up to you what you do with the insights gained. It requires effort from the voyager to integrate and to put the acquired insights into daily life.

” Since my ceremony, I feel more connected with my body, more grounded, more able to feel and understand my emotions and emotional responses. The way I think is radically altered. My boundaries are clearer to me. I have a love, value and respect for myself that I haven’t experienced before. “


How we work:

At Corelistic 4mation we work on the basis of individual counseling to guide this powerful process in safe ways and to fully align it to everyone’s individual needs.

Only with San Pedro we organize small-scale meetings for up to 5 people. This limit ensures there is a lot of attention for everyone’s personal processes.

To guarantee the safety of the voyager, extensive screening takes place where to determine in consultation which Plant Medicine is best for you.