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“I felt completely safe and at ease with Bas. And the treatment I received was just excellent. In advance (so for the Ayahuasca) a treatment that made me relax very well. And during my “trip” Bas was working with me very subtly from time to time.”


“It was a major initiation for me and it was strengthening me on different levels of perception. Confirming what I knew but never experienced before, and stretching me to open up and integrate much more than I would possibly capable of without being in the altered states. Making sense of who I am and my roots, and why I am here today doing what I am doing. “


“Bas was really wonderful. He is such a caring person, always looking for me and with him I felt so safe that I could go deep inside me. It could not have been better! “


“I am very happy that I chose Bas as a guide for my introduction to Ayahuasca and the individual journey. From the beginning of our contact (emails, phone calls) it felt good and reliable. If I want to make another trip, I hope that Bas will accompany me again in his pleasant house in Nieuwegein.”


“Wonderful set up. The room was welcoming, warm and very comfortable. Bas was an excellent host…. During the ceremony he was attentive and became involved at the right moments. “


“Since my ceremony, I feel more connected with my body, more grounded, more able to feel and understand my emotions and emotional responses. The way I think is radically altered. My boundaries are clearer to me. I have a love, value and respect for myself that I haven’t experienced before. “


“Also had trouble grounding at the end, asked my guide Bas to help me ground. He supported me throughout the voyage, also by sympathizing with my sorrow as a spectator and by applying certain ceremonial actions to me, sometimes when I lingered too long somewhere to get me out of it again. I feel empty, reset, very happy, feel my energy flowing again, understand everything now and can smile and enjoy life again thanks to this wonderful experience with mother Ayahuasca !! From the bottom of my heart and with a lot of respect, Thanks! “


“Bas created a safe, secure and perfect setting for my voyage. His sound system and music was very high quality and enhanced my experience to the extent that it felt like the music was controlling my mind and thoughts.”


“It was meant to be, Bas was the perfect fit for my first voyage. His explanations and guidance was very clear and made perfect sense. His meditation guidance, use of instruments, music selection, and presence made my voyage the most enjoyable and important experience of my life. I have an enormous amount of love and respect for Bas that I will carry with me for ever. I hope, with all of my heart, that Bas will guide me on my next voyage. “

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