About Corelistic 4mation

Corelistic 4mation is a creation by merging the words Core and Holistic.

Core means the basic and most important part of something.
We all want to connect to our own core, our most inner “being” to know who we really are. From that knowledge, we take the path towards self-healing and self-realization. Truly being yourself, bringing out what is present, your unique talents and skills. And possibly ending activities of which you thought they belonged to you but are not enriching you .

Holistic comes from the Greek word holos which means the whole. According to holism, everything is inseparable. Similarly your health, whether physical, mental or energetic. One will always influence the other to a greater or lesser extent. You are largely responsible for the state in which your total health is. Fortunately, you can do a lot by yourself. The only thing you need to learn is how to activate your own healing power. Becoming aware of what you feel is the first step to this.

4mation comes from the English word formation which means: the process by which something comes into existence or begins to have a particular order or shape.

The basis of the Corelistic 4mation logo

The basis of the logo is the kerykeion (Greek: κηρύκειον) or caduceus (Latin: derived from the word caduceator, which means herald or negotiator). In ancient Greece, the staff had to give a courier or negotiator unhindered passage. Greek mythology learns Hermes received the staff from the god Apollo. As the god of sleep and dreams he could make people fall asleep and wake up by touching his caduceus.

In the logo of Corelistic 4mation the original staff has been replaced by a sword. See this as an extension of yourself so that you literally rise above yourself and gain easier access to new areas.

Two snakes which stand for duality surround the sword. This means the union of opposing principles such as male vs. feminine, light vs. dark, relaxation vs. stress, health vs. disease. The snakes are also a symbol for the ascending of kundalini energy from the tailbone. Kundalini is your life energy which might awake if you take control of your health and build a new relationship with who you are.

The caduceus as a whole symbolizes peace, protection and healing but also stands for unity. This is achieved through the reconciliation of the opposites.
The two snakes form a heart just below the handle of the sword. In our modern world we have entered our brain, our thinking mind. This has broken the connection with our true nature. The voyage from your head to your heart is one that has many challenges but can deliver even more.

Meaning symbols

Around the caduceus there are four symbols: the wheel of life, the triangle in the circle, the yinyang symbol and the dream catcher.

The Wheel of Life is a symbol from Buddhism in which various concepts come together. The wheel of life begins and ends in the same place. Birth and death lie side by side.
Within the Buddhist vision it is important that people are seen as the result of what their own mind has created. In this way it is possible to take control of the state of your health.

The circle is the primordial symbol of creation and the expression of the power of creation. It also symbolizes infinity and perfection. A circle is also the symbol of nothingness, emptiness, infinity and absolute freedom, bound by nothing. One of the most powerful and versatile geometric symbols is the Triangle. The upper point of the triangle represents the unity. The one life from which a duality of mind and matter (body) emerges, the source of everything. The two upright sides of the triangle express the duality. The total triangle symbolizes divinity, fire, life, the heart, ascension, prosperity, harmony and kingship.

The yinyang symbol embodies the existence of opposing forces trapped side by side in a circle. An apparent contradiction that is in perfect harmony with itself and as a whole. Constantly looking for balance, which will never be maintained as a stable situation. Everything in life is subject to change. This means that transformation is possible. We can turn something that we experience as dark or black into light.

A dream catcher is a traditional object, originally from the Ojibweg (Anishinaabeg), a Native American tribe. During the night, the dream catcher captures the bad dreams and visions in the web until the first rays of the sun show themselves. According to the ancient sagas, they are unable to survive in daylight. Good dreams find their way unhindered to the center of the dream catcher. Then they glide through the feathers to the dreamer / voyager. In this way the dreamer is blessed with pleasant dreams, happiness and harmony.