San Pedro Huachuma coaching

With San Pedro Huachuma coaching, I am happy to assist you on your way to a new future. Because San Pedro Huachuma still allows you to control your thinking and your body, San Pedro Huachuma coaching may be something for you. If you don’t know which direction you want to go in life. If you know this but have problems with how to bring it out into the world. Or if you want to look differently at what is holding you back from being completely your Self. The San Pedro Huachuma coach offers help.

Have yourself supported through Huachuma coaching.

During the journey we will zoom in on your future wishes. We will investigate what is needed so that you can manifest your future. In collaboration with the San Pedro Huachuma medicine, I can coach you to bring insights to the surface. Thinking and feeling are often not in harmony with each other. Through a change in perception it is possible to let your feelings flow in a different direction. From there it is possible to make contact with a deeper knowledge. This deeper knowing tells you what steps you need to take.