Ayahuasca private

ayahuasca private

The basis for ayahuasca private at Corelistic4mation is a setting that is aimed at making contact with your own essence to heal you from there and improve the quality of life.

Ayahuasca is a word which comes from the Quechua language, an indigenous language spoken in several countries of South America. Ayahuasca originally refers to the vine Banisteriopsis Caapi. Nowadays, ayahuasca has become known as a collective name for the drink or tea. In addition to the liana (or another MAO inhibitor), the drink contains a plant that contains DMT, which causes the visions. Without the MAO inhibitor we would not be able to perceive visions.

Corelistic4mation uses different plants to evoke the effects of ayahuasca and analogues.

Ayahuasca belongs to the group of entheogens. Freely translated, this means “calling up the god in yourself” or a means that ensures that you will reconnect with your own divine essence.


Ayahuasca is seen as feminine and is a strict teacher. Like it or not, she takes you to places you need to go to learn. This can be on a mental level as well as on a physical level. Not always, but often, some physical cleaning needs to be done, energy that no longer serves you leaves the body in various ways. This may be by vomiting, sweating, diarrhea or crying. An intense cleanse is necessary to get closer to your core.

Many people see all kinds of multicolored images, which leads to insights into how to shape your life differently. Healing energy (cysts) still connected to old wounds. The medicine continues to work for many weeks after the journey, letting you see and feel again and again what needs attention.

You need unconditional surrender and absolute trust if you want to work with this medicinal plant. Ayahuasca can be experienced as very overwhelming! Together we will carefully check whether you are ready. In addition, we ask to follow a diet at least 3 days in advance before the ayahuasca private.

Safety for ayahuasca private

Since 2010, Bas has built up extensive experience as an ayahuasca guide for various national organizations with groups ranging between 2 and 60 participants. But his passion is to fully commit to individual travellers in order to fully tailor the ceremony and guidance to each individual needs. Over the years, travellers from all over the world, as far as Australia, have found their way to ayahuasca private journey and the involved guidance of Bas.