Psilocybin (truffles)

Psilocybin-containing mushrooms and truffles have received a lot of attention lately. Research has shown that they are particularly effective in treating depressive symptoms. Fortunately, more and more openness is coming. The United States has authorized the Food and Drug Administration for clinical research and are patients in a number of English hospitals cured with mushrooms. In addition to using a full dose, psilocybin can also be used for microdosing. This generally means over a period of two months, every 3 days a dose (say 10% of a full dose) is taken which remains below the threshold of awareness,. In the Netherlands a few universities are researching this phenomenon with very hopeful results. In general, the various studies focus on mental health such as depression and anxiety disorders, an increase in creativity and problem-solving thinking.

A voyage with truffles can be just as intense mentally as with ayahuasca, but the physical experience is a lot milder, therefore truffles are more accessible. In addition to the feminine energy of ayahuasca, the masculine qualities of the San Pedro cactus, mushrooms and truffles are often affectionately called El Nino’s (the children). This is because of the playful component that may sometimes evoke long-lasting laugh kicks. This does not alter the fact that thorough preparation is important, as is well-considered intention, the reason why you have decided to undergo the voyage. The playfulness is not limited exclusively to pleasant feelings, shadow sides in each of us just as well want to be highlighted. If we suppress these negative labelled parts, they will grow to such an extent at an unconscious level that at some point they can no longer be ignored with all the  consequences that come with it.

Experience has shown that microdosing can be very effective as a maintenance dose a few weeks after a voyage with a full dose. You will find extensive information about microdosing at various sites.
Problems to be tackled with truffles usually have been around a long time in the life of the voyager, who therefore more often chooses to follow a trajectory instead of one self-contained journey. Corelistic 4mation would like to assist and guide you in this.