Safety and plant medicine

Since 2010 I have been guiding ceremonies with plant medicine for which I underwent special training. The first years under supervision during group ceremonies ranging from 6 to 50 participants. From the very first ceremony, the importance of safety and plant medicine has been underlined again and again. This safety can be found in all private Corelistic 4mation ceremonies since 2016.

This has provided a wealth of experience together with the many journeys I have been able to make myself. This makes it easy to determine where the traveler is during the journey. As a person, I want to empower you as much as possible in who and what you are. If you are unable to do this yourself during the journey, I will support you so that you can move on to the next phase.

A bad trip only happens if there is no expert guidance. You can then end up in a spiral of fear that keeps reinforcing itself. The job of the guide is to get you out of there when the signals present themselves. Because other travelers do not have to be taken into account, interventions can be fully tailored to your personal needs.

Before the start of the journey, we take plenty of time to discuss issues and get to know each other better. It is essential that you feel you can surrender completely to the lessons of the plant.

After registration you will receive clear information that you should take into account for proper safety and plant medicine. Consider nutritional advice and how you can prepare as best as possible.

safety and plant medicine