Welcome to the Corelistic 4mation website. If you are looking how to get in touch with your core, your most inner “being”, then you have come to the right place. The mission of Corelistic 4mation is to bring you back to what you experience inside.

Due to the way we have been educated, we ended up in our head. Unfortunately, this has a negative effect on the relationship we have with our body, many signals transmitted by our body pass us by. Many of us ignore warning signals which tell us something is wrong in our system whether this concerns a physical, mental or energetic issue. Would we be listening to those signals, then preventive steps can be taken so that an initial complaint won’t develop into an illness. The sooner we become aware of disturbances to our natural balance, the faster and easier it is to restore balance. To achieve this, we need to expand our consciousness, lower the threshold of all we perceive through our senses. Numerous methods have been developed for this, depending on personal preferences and needs, it is sometimes a search for the method that best suits you. To drastically shorten that search and provide you with a kickstart, working with medicine plants could be a solution. You may need just one session or for some it might become a way of living where a path might unfold in order to get the maximum out of life.

“It was a major initiation for me and it was strengthening me on different levels of perception. Confirming what I knew but never experienced before, and stretching me to open up and integrate much more than I would possibly capable of without being in the altered states. Making sense of who I am and my roots, and why I am here today doing what I am doing.”


What are medicine plants?

As the word suggests, these are plants that are used for a medicinal application. The medicine plants that are used at Corelistic 4mation focus on a temporary change of consciousness. After undergoing many sessions with all kinds of different plants, three have been selected, each with its own unique characteristics: