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After the voyage it is important that you take some time to rest and don’t have any appointments or social obligations. The plant continues to work for a while at a level that is not actively visible, such as during the voyage. Especially with ayahuasca this can take several weeks to months. The first days after the voyage, many people are still very open emotionally and it is often difficult to pick up the thread of “normal” life again. Allow yourself the time to get used to your new self, to process what has come to the surface and to wonder how you will continue your life from now on. Changes in feeling and thinking habits may permanently widen your consciousness. This in turn can lead to adaptation of all kinds of life patterns that provides your health with a positive impulse on the different layers of your “being”.

Corelistic 4mation works with a party that, as a professional, focuses on proper integration and preparation. You will be guided step by step during several sessions to find a place for everything, see below:

My name is Eyal Beker, integration supervisor at Sent-i Trauma Release & integration. In my practice I guide participants in determining the right intention before and integration after psychedelic ceremonies. From intention to integration.

Before the ceremony you will have a session with me in which you will be guided in deepening your intention for the ceremony. The more concrete the intention, the greater the effect of the ceremony. In this session (of one hour) you will describe what your intention is. By delving deeper into it, related unconscious feelings, thoughts, patterns, etc. will emerge in this session that you have not yet thought about. This strengthens your intention.eremonie.

After the ceremony you will be guided in integrating the insights obtained during the ceremony. A lot happens in your inner world during a ceremony, and it may not always be immediately clear what you think of it and what you want from it. It is enormously helpful to talk about the experiences. By talking you turn your inner world into your outer world. You make concrete what you have felt and experienced. In addition, it is important to establish (new) actions and behaviors in the outside world in order to apply the insights obtained in daily life. In addition to talking on a cognitive level, I will guide you again to your inner world to reconnect with your subconscious, which you also had contact with during the ceremony. By reconnecting with this, certain lessons and insights become even clearer, on a deeper level, and you can also directly address and change the things that are needed in your inner world. This way, integration takes place faster and more efficiently and you can take steps in your process faster.

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