Group Ceremonies

Corelistic 4mation itself does not organize group ceremonies with ayahuasca or psilocybin truffles. However, if you would like a private, tailor-made ceremony with your own group of people, this can be facilitated. Send a message to info@corelistic4mation for further information.

The San Pedro cactus is ideally suited for a ceremony with several people. Ayahuasca and truffles provide a personal voyage that directs your consciousness inward, but the cactus provides you with a voyage that is much more outward-focused. Connecting from your own heart chakra with other open heart chakra’s is perhaps the best quality of the San Pedro. Communication from the heart without the intervention of our thinking mind, showing yourself and to admit the other on an equal level is healing in itself. Connection, openness, focus and especially gratitude are keywords that almost everyone experiences. During the ceremony, elements aiming at this are brought into alignment. The invitation is to let yourself be touched, to realize there is so much to be thankful for but we all too easily ignore in our busy daily lives.

The group ceremony is done at a nice quiet location where we have access to a Mongolian tent, called yurt or ger. A San Pedro ceremony is inextricably linked to fire, there is a wood burning stove in the yurt and outside the yurt we have the opportunity to sit around a campfire. Fire plays an important role during the ceremony, you give everything you want to get rid of to the fire so that it literally goes up in smoke. Grandfather fire helps us, always has a listening ear, removes cold and replaces this with warmth so that your energy will flow optimally.

We are together and together we ensure the safe basis from which we can heal ourselves and each other.